Friday, June 03, 2005

Alberta's unofficial songwriter laureate

Some years ago I went to see the legendary Ray Condo (RIP) in one of our local venues and was met by the sight of a tall, lanky guy on stage singing about Alberta in a Johnny Cash baritone. After his set, I struck up a conversation with the fellow and in the last few years our paths have crossed several times. Matt Masters was his name, and he had a hatful of songs about our fine province.

Most recently, he was in town with the D. Rangers when the Winnipeg five-some showed up at CJSR to play on my radio show, Dusty Trails. Matt played one of his songs, Whiskey Business, with the boys backing him up, and I just grinned in glee as the music from this special moment floated out over the airwaves.

Well, I couldn’t resist and invited him back to do a few songs of his own. He accepted and will be making an appearance on Dusty Trails this Sunday, between 2 to 4 p.m.

With Matt, I’m not sure what to expect. He usually has some surprise in store. Right now, he’s on a province-wide tour of Alberta in celebration of our Centennial year. He’s had some interesting experiences you can read all about here.
If you’re in E-town, you can listen in on the FM dial at 88.5. Or visit CJSR’s web site to hear the broadcast online.

Update: June 6, 2005

Matt’s visit to CJSR was a blast! He spent the better part of an hour playing music, talking about his experiences on the first third of his Centennial tour, and describing his latest project, a collection of 100 songs – either by Albertans, about Alberta or written in Alberta.

Matt is asking people to submit songs for the collection, which he eventually plans to publish in a songbook format for Alberta schools and libraries. He even played one of the songs already selected for the project – Rock and Roll Is My Guitar by Paul Spence, better known as Deaner from Fubar.


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