Friday, July 15, 2005

Read this or you will have five years of bad sex

It never fails to bug me when I get sent some inane e-mail warning me if I don’t forward it to everyone in my address book, bad luck will befall me. Even more annoying are the ones that claim some foundation will donate money to some sick kid every time the e-mail is forwarded, as if the Make-A-Wish foundation has some sophisticated e-mail tracking system no one has ever heard of.

Here’s news for you people: the e-mails are hoaxes and could even contain computer viruses. Your well-intentioned ignorance could be harming your friends’ PCs and damaging the reputation and credibility of groups that perform excellent charity work.

Normally, I just delete those e-mails without reading them. But now anyone who sends me chain e-mails will get this in return.


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