Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gravity is still only a theory, too

Well, sanity and reason won out over the burgeoning U.S. theocracy today when District Judge John E. Jones ruled a Pennsylvania school board can’t impose the teaching of intelligent design in its science classrooms.

Jones called it as he saw it, stating that intelligent design is creationism attempting to cloak itself as sound science. For the uninitiated, ID claims "gaps" in the theory of evolution prove the existence of some supreme designer. (Personally, I think the flying spaghetti monster, pictured above, has more credence.)

IDers, of course, are upset. Former board member William Buckingham told the Associated Press:

“I’m still waiting for a judge or anyone to show me anywhere in the Constitution where there’s a separation of church and state. We didn’t lose; we were robbed.”

Um, I’m no expert on the U.S. Constitution, but that would be the First Amendment.

Never mind the possibility that ID proponents are committing blasphemy against the very religion they purport to represent. To Buckingham I would ask: “where in the Bible does it suggest intelligent design?”

Besides, we all know allowing religion to seep into the government produces sane, stable policies, right?


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