Monday, January 16, 2006

The cult of wine

Wine growers truly are full of bullshit, judging from a recent article in Macleans.

I mean that both figuratively and literally.

An increasing number of vineyards, particularly in Burgundy, are resorting to a method called biodynamism. Sure it sounds scientific, but biodynamism is rooted in the teachings of Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner, who as a child claimed he could visualize the energies produced by plants.

The technique itself sounds something like a pagan ritual:

"Growers following one preparation are instructed to pack manure in a cow horn and bury it among the vines during the fall, dig it up in the spring and stir in rainwater vigorously for an hour, then apply it to the land after 3 p.m."
". . . biodynamic growers also use preparations to harness natural forces. The cow horn in the preparation described above, for instance, acts as an antenna, funnelling power into the soil."

And biodynamism proponents wonder why critics refer to them as a cult?

In all fairness, biodynamism does have some similarities to organic farming, such as eschewing chemical fertilizers in favour of manure. But a cow’s horn funnelling power into the soil?

All that’s missing is dancing naked around a fire.


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