Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Take a bow, Tucker

Tucker Carlson, perhaps best known for being called a dick on national television by Jon Stewart, referring to Canada as a "retarded cousin," and being the only guy under 60 who wears a bowtie, has apparently now decided he wants to be the next Gene Kelly.

The host of MSNBC’s imaginatively titled Tucker with Tucker Carlson, and former co-host of CNN’s partisan screechfest Crossfire, is set to debut on the latest season of Dancing with the Stars. Instead of dancing around George W. Bush’s failings as president, Carlson will be dancing around . . . uh . . . a dance floor.

As if that isn’t horrifying enough, MSNBC is regaling us with details of how Carlson is gearing up for his big chance to "strut his stuff."
"Tucker’s debut dance will be some combination of the waltz, the quickstep (the quickstep?), and a Michael Jackson-esque robot dance. OK. If you continue to run around and say you’re not going to watch, flaunting your 'I have a life' posture or some claim of intellectual superiority or taste, you have zero credibility. Waltz? Quickstep? Robot Dance?"
Carlson doing the robot? Yeah, I’ll go with "I have a life."

But it doesn’t stop there. Having recently shed his bowtie, Carlson’s publicity pics suggest he’s now going for that coveted ‘70s Parker Stevenson look-alike cache.


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